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We knew from the jump that we'd only have Jamie Davis at our CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen for a limited time and so we're ready to bring a new manager on board. Not a chef? No worries! While familiarity with professional kitchens is important, we are looking for a manager rather than a cook.


We are seeking a new part-time manager for the CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen. This is a membership-based kitchen where independent businesses rent time to use the facility. It is a mission-based kitchen so we are focused on providing a welcoming space to a wide range of diverse businesses. (Learn more about our kitchen at

The manager is responsible for onboarding clients, basic equipment training, keeping the kitchen clean and operational, and tracking time and membership fees.


Must have the ability to manage a shared space, problem solve, onboard new clients, and work with all types of people. Applicants should also have a level of comfort with online programs from scheduling and invoicing programs to social media.


This position requires basic knowledge of kitchens, kitchen safety, and kitchen equipment, including the ability to train others on the equipment and troubleshoot maintenance issues. Although chefs are welcome, it is not a requirement. This is a management position.

In addition to familiarity with kitchens, the Kitchen Manager must have strong interpersonal skills; the ability to work well with people with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and languages; and the ability to work independently. 

This is a part-time, contracted position for 20 hours a week and would be a suitable morning/daytime position for someone in the industry. Clients mainly use the kitchen M-F, 9 to 5 but the kitchen will be available to clients 24/7 so the Kitchen Manager should have some flexibility in regards to hours to address emergencies and monitor activities. Some tasks must occur at the kitchen, others can be done remotely. 


  • Maintain a clean, organized, and safe environment in the kitchen, and ensure that clients do as well. 
  • Monitor the users of the kitchen.
  • Keep client records. 
  • Provide initial training and assistance to clients in the safe use and handling of equipment and materials. 
  • Perform/arrange routine preventative maintenance on kitchen equipment . 
  • Monitor the kitchen equipment and troubleshoot repair needs. 
  • Manage repair, laundry, cleaning, and other services. 
  • Manage clients including scheduling and tracking kitchen use and any required classes. 
  • Monitor client payments via online kitchen management software.
  • Coordinate with The Loop CID and other resource organizations to host classes and trainings at the kitchen.
  • Coordinate with The Loop CID, and others on promotion of the shared kitchen and the clients.
  • Perform other duties as assigned/requested. 

Please send a resume and cover letter to Carrie Gartner, Executive Director of The Loop CID at¬†[email protected].¬†Questions can be directed here as well.

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